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Economics Fourth Semster Syllabus

Unit 01: Structure of the Indian Economy
·         Natural Resources.
·         Human Resources.
·         Economic Development.
·         Size and Growth Rate of Population in India.
·         Population Explosion.
·         Population Policy.
·         National Income of India.
·         National Income Estimates in India
·         Trends in National Income.
·         Inequalities of Income in India.

Unit 02: Agriculture Sector in India
·         The Place of Agriculture in the National Economy since 1991
·         Crop Pattern in India
·         National Agriculture Policy
·         Food Security in India
·         Irrigation and Agricultural Inputs
·         Agricultural Labour
·         Progress of Agriculture under the Plans.

Unit 03: Indian Industries:
·         Importance of Industrialization.
·         Industrial Policy since 1991.
·         Problems of Large Scale Industries.
·         Role and Problems of Small Scale Industries.
·         Disinvestment: Policies and Issues.
·         Emergence of the IT industry.

Unit 04: The Tertiary Sector in India
·         Foreign Trade of India.
·         Composition of India’s Foreign Trade.
·         Direction of India’s Foreign Trade.
·         Indian Balance of Payments.
·         Impact of WTO on India’s Foreign Trade.
·         India’s Foreign Exchange Reserves.
·         Functions of the Reserve Bank of India
·         Monetary Management.
·         Reforms in the Banking Sector.

Unit 05: Indian Fiscal System
·         Revenue and Expenditure of the Central and State Governments.
·         Public Debt Management.
·         Financial Relations between Center and State.
·         Parallel Economy.
·         Challenges to development:
o   Poverty: Poverty Eradication Programs in India
o   Unemployment in India: Schemes to Reduce Unemployment.

·         Dutt Ruddar and Sundaram K.P.M (2007) Indian Economy, S. Chand and Co New Delhi.
·         Misra S.k. and V.K. Puri (2007) Indian Economy, Himalaya publishing house, mumbai.
·         Agarwal A.N.(2007) Indian Economy-problems of development and planning, Wishwa Prakashan, New Delhi. 
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