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Computer Application Fourth Semester Syllabus

Part 01: Practical

1.      Creating a document – a letter to an authority, with setting of margins, colors, fonts, paragraphs, line spacing and languages.

2.      Creating a merged document containing invitation for a college function to be sent to invitees through a created address book.

3.      Create a table containing information regarding examination or admission or attendances of faculty statistics.

4.      Usage of mathematical and statistical functions in a spreadsheet.

5.      Create a student database of a class with register no, name, subjects, IA marks, and sort it in ascending order, using a spreadsheet, generate different types of graphs.

6.      DTP, creating a visiting card, poster, magazine cover, calendar, booklet-in with four pages.

7.      SPSS package, mean, median, whole, DS, Correlation, repression, intercalation.

Part 02: Theory

1.      Computer Fundamentals:
·         Evolution of computer, computer application, types of computer, basic components of a computer, hardware, software, firmware, assembler, compiler, interpreters.
·         Introduction to problem solving: algorithm and flow chart.
·         Programing languages: machine language, assembly language, high level language. 

2.      DTP
Overview of software, page layout, PageMaker, windows creating and printing a new publication, page maker graphics.

3.      Introduction to network, internet and webpage designing.
·         Internet basics, internet protocols – http and ftp, www, html tags, search engines, web browsers, internet chat.
·         Email

4.      Fundamentals of database
·         Manual system of file organization,
·         Definition of fields, records, files, database.

5.      Database management system (DBMS)
·         SQL commands, DDL, DML, DCL and TCL
·         Data entry and data edit
·         Definitions for tables, forms, queries, report.


·        Fundamentals of IT by Peter Norton. 
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