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Political Science Second Semester Syllabus

Unit 1: Plato and Aristotle

  •  Plato's Ideas on Ideal State, Communism and Education
  • Aristotle's Views on State and Classification of Constitutions

    Unit 2: Machiavelli and Laski

    • Machiavelli's Ideas on the Prince and State
    • Laski's Views on Rights, Liberty and Equality

      Unit 3: Kautilya, Gokhale and Tilak

      • Kautilya's Views on State Administration
      • Gokhale's Political Ideas
      • Tilak's Political Ideas

        Unit 4: Gandhi and Ambedkar

        • Gandhi's Views on Ideal State / Rama Rajya
        • Ambedkar's Views on Social Justice

          Unit 5: Socialism, Nehru and Narayan

          • Socialism in India
          • Jawaharlal Nehru's Political Views
          • Jayaprakash Narayan's Political Views
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