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How to Make Your Hair Healthy Again

Has your hair gotten so out of hand that you don't even know what to do with it anymore? All the bleaching and heat destroying your hair? Then keep reading to learn how you can whip your hair back into shape.


1. Cut it off: It might be hard to say goodbye to your hair but you won't get anywhere with split ends. The longer you keep them the more they travel up the hair shaft and damage it. 


2. Have a good diet: Your hair is a reflection of your health and the things that you put in your body. If you eat junk food a lot and drink a lot of soda then your hair is not going to be its healthiest. Eating a well balance diet, drinking plenty of water, and taking vitamins will all improve your hair health as well as your overall being.


3. Don't wash it everyday: Unless you have really oily hair or have been doing a lot of physical activity that day then don't wash your hair everyday. It's only taking the natural oils away from your hair and without them it will become dry and brittle over time. Try washing your hair every other day or only using conditioner some nights.


4. Drop the straightener: It's the toughest habit to break but it will be best choice you could make for your hair. Using blow dryers , curling irons, straighteners, crimpers, wands, and hot rollers all terribly tragically damage your hair. 


5. Cut out the color: Coloring and especially bleaching your hair are major factors in hair damage. Try semi permanent colors or ammonia free dyes.


6. Watch what tools and products you use: Even some of your everyday tools can cause your hair to break. Brushing or tying it up while it's wet can cause breakage not only at the ends but your hair closer to the crown of your head. Using to many protein products can cause your hair to be dry and brittle. Protein is good for your hair but too much of it can be a bad thing.


7. Rehydrate your hair back to health: Use deep conditioners, hair mask, and hot oil treatments to put the lost moisture back into your hair.

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