Module 01: Question Bank

Two Marks Questions:

  1. Define macroeconomics. 
  2. Give any four concepts of macroeconomics. 
  3. State any two importance of Macroeconomics. 
  4. What is unemployment? 
  5. What is an economic policy? 
  6. Name any four economic problems in an economy. 
  7. Define National Income. 
  8. Define economic growth. 
  9. Define economic planning. 
  10. What is business cycle? 
  11. Define stagflation. 
  12. Mention the two functions of investment. 
  13. Mention any four central issues of Macro economics. 
  14. What is Fallacy of composition? 
  15. State any four limitations of macro economics. 
  16. What is an exchange rate? 
  17. What is surplus balance of payments? 
  18. What is deficit balance of payments? 
  19. State the types of Macro economics. 
  20. What is macro statics? 
  21. What is Macro dynamics? 
  22. What is comparative macro statics? 
  23. Mention any two concepts of National Income. 
  24. What is NNP? 
  25. What is depreciation? 
  26. What is Personal Income? 
  27. What is disposable personal income? 
  28. What is Per capita income? 
  29. State the methods of measuring National Income. 
  30. State any two difficulties in the estimation of National Income. 
  31. State any two importance of National Income analysis. 

Five Marks Questions:

  1. Define Macroeconomics and discuss its nature. 
  2. Describe the importance of Macro economics. 
  3. Discuss any four central issues of macro economics. 
  4. Describe the subject matter of macro economics. 
  5. Describe any four limitations of macro economics. 
  6. Describe macro statics. 
  7. Describe macro dynamics. 
  8. Describe comparative macro statics. 
  9. Discuss Macro statics v/s Macro dynamics. 
  10. Describe any four concepts of National Income. 
  11. Describe any two methods of calculating the National Income. 
  12. Describe the difficulties in measuring the national income. 
  13. Describe the importance of national income analysis. 

Ten Marks Questions:

  1. Describe the central issues of macro economics. 
  2. Describe the limitations of macro economics. 
  3. Describe the types of macro economics. 
  4. Describe the concepts of National Income. 
  5. Describe the methods of measurement of the National Income.
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