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The Cabuliwallah: Plot Summary

The story starts when Mini, a talkative 5-year old girl, meets a Cabuliwallah. At first, the innocent child thought that the Cabuliwallah kidnaps kids. Mini's father and mother also have doubts about this Cabuliwallah. But as time goes on, there seems to be a strong bond that formed between the two. Mini felt closer to this unknown fellow who gave her lots of almonds and raisins. But everything changed when Rahman was sent to jail for murderous assault. 

Time passed by and Mini is now getting married. During the wedding night, Rahman paid a visit to see Mini only to find out that she has forgotten him a long time ago. The Cabuliwallah explains to Mini's father that he also has a daughter like Mini. Rahman misses his daughter so much and that's why he felt close to Mini. Touched by the Cabuliwallah's story, Mini's father realized that all fathers are the same-- whether you are a writer or a Cabuliwallah.

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