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Misery or The Lament: Preface

Anton Chekhov's short story of a father and his great despair for his dead son has many translations. The most commonly used translation is "Misery." In one word the title accurately summarizes the mood the story carries, and leaves it's reader to contemplate the harshness of human nature. 

Written in 1886, "Misery" portrays the overwhelming grief of Iona Potapov, a Russian sleigh-driver, and his futile attempts to share with strangers the despair in the loss of his son. The story takes place almost a week after his son's death. Disturbing and inconclusive, "Misery" is not unlike a documentation of human suffering, specifically in the loss of one's child. Chekhov achieves a detailed portrayal of one man's grief, his attempts to ease his heartache, and his final comfort in sharing his story with his horse.

The Characters that take place in the story:

Iona Potapov is the main character in this story. Other characters are a military officer, three young men, a house-porter, a young cab-man and Iona's horse.
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