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The Model Millionaire: Analysis

Firstly, this short story emphasises the materialistic aspects of life. The protagonist of this story Hughie is a misfit in a mercantile world. He is at a loss in the world of bulls and bears. In spite of his charming appearance, he has failed in every attempts to make money. He cannot understand the ways of the world and ends up miserably whenever he tries to be successful materially. His affair with Laura is at a stake as he has failed to raise a fund of ten thousand pounds as demanded by Laura's father who welcomes Hughie as a person but is not ready to accept him as his son-in-law. Hence the second sentence of the story becomes significant:"Romance is the privilege of the rich, not the profession of the unemployed." In the end, had Baron not provided Hughie the money, the latter's marriage with Laura would not have materialised. So, making both ends meet becomes more important than the melody of love. When the stomach burns with hunger, the whole world becomes prosaic and the beautiful full moon looks like a hot flour cake. Every lover and beloved should keep it in mind.

Secondly, one must have the kindness of heart as well. Kindness shown to others pays in the end. There is no doubt that had Hughie not offered the sovereign to Baron, the latter would not have shown his generosity to sponsor the money Hughie required. Tender qualities are not to be totally dispensed with even in a thoroughly materialistic world.

The above to themes are undoubtedly opposed to each other. Many readers object to the very fact that this story has a fairytale quality. There are many chance factors in this story. Hughie accidentally meets the disguised Baron at Trevor's studio. Then he gets the chance to have an intimate exchange of feelings with the latter. Accidentally there is a sovereign in his pocket. Strangely enough the beggar turns out to be a millionaire. Many critics have identified the story as a modern version of the Jason legend. But we must not discard the story as based only on chance factors because we know that truth is stranger than fiction. Such chance factors are common in our life too.

However, one question remains in the end: What ultimately wins- the value system that Laura's father believes or the cordial qualities that Hughie possesses? There is no doubt that without ten thousand pounds the marriage would not have taken place. On the other hand, it is also true that Hughie would not have got the prize from Baron had Hughie not shown his kindness to the beggar, the disguised Baron. Wilde is not an extremist. He believes that one must have a solid financial base to build the successful married life. On the other hand, he maintains that while following the ways of the world, one must not discard his cordial qualities completely. We must maintain a steady balance between the two.

Lastly, a rich man must know the proper ways to expend his wealth. Monetary gains do not salve one's soul unless he expends that money to help others. By helping Hughie to marry Laura, Baron exemplifies the ideal way to spend money. That is why he raises himself to the status of a model millionaire from the status of a millionaire model.
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15 April 2018 at 09:36

This materialistic world has very creepy needs than true love and kindness.
But good always gets reward at last.

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