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Unit 01: Introduction to Political Science - Summary

Conclusion gives a summary on the:
  1. Meaning and Definition of Political Science
  2. Scope of Political Science
  3. Nature of Political Science
  4. Importance of Political Science
  5. Methods of Studying Political Science

Meaning of Political Science

  • The term Political Science is the systematic study of the state and the government. 
  • Political Science is a social science regarding the practice and theory of politics, the analysis of political systems, and the study of political behavior. 
  • Simply put, political science is the study of politics. Some particular areas that political scientists study include public policy, national politics, political theory, international relations, and comparative politics. 

Scope of Political Science

Nature of Political Science

  • It will suffice to say in conclusion that Political Science is mainly an art.
  • Its knowledge is utilized for the good of all.
  • Further, as a result of significant use of behavioral method which is scientific in nature, political science is becoming a science.
  • Thus, Political Science is a combination of art and science.

Importance of Political Science

The future of the state and its people are designed by the politicians in the government.
It is Political Science which makes us aware of what has happened, what is happening and what is expected to happen.
Therefore, the understanding Political Science is vital.
George Barnard Show: “Political Science is the science by which alone the civilization can be saved”.

Methods of Studying Political Science

There are a number of methods for studying politics.
  1. Historical Method
  2. Observational Method
  3. Experimental Method
  4. Behavioural Method
  5. Philosophical Method
  6. Sociological Method
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